Dennis Van Vliet

Dennis Van Vliet

Dennis Van Vliet, AuD, American Board of Audiology Certified, is a life member of the American Academy of Audiology and has served the profession in a variety of leadership roles in the Academy and in state organizations. He is employed as an audiology care provider in Dana Point, California. He was a founding member of the ABA Board and is the chair of the American Board of Audiology.

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Twenty years ago, a group of Academy members came together to develop a certification that would serve audiologists by verifying credentials in an independent process that offers an alternative to the American Speech–Language–Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competence–Audiology. They developed a program of rigorous education and experience verification with strong continuing education requirements and called it Board Certified in Audiology, in recognition of the substantial requisites.

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Publication Issue: Audiology Today May/June 2019