J. Riley DeBacker

J. Riley DeBacker

J. Riley DeBacker is the president of the Student Academy of Audiology and a fourth-year AuD/PhD student at The Ohio State University. Riley will be starting his externship at the James A Haley Veteran’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida, this summer.

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SAA SPOTLIGHT | Say the Word “Survey”: Inspiring Data-Driven Change for Audiology Externships

Since the creation of the AuD, many conversations have taken place to evaluate audiology education and the externship, but few of those have included large perspectives from significant stakeholders—students and recent graduates. To address this, the Student Academy of Audiology Education and Externship Survey was disseminated in September 2018 to current graduate students, externs, and new professionals to further investigate areas of strengths and weaknesses in the current education model and the externship process. 

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