John Greer Clark

John Greer Clark

John Greer Clark, PhD, is a professor and director of audiology education at the University of Cincinnati..

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The Final Frontier: Heightening Our Vigilance to the Taboo of Discussing Death During Patient Encounters

Mrs. Jones came to her hearing-test appointment with her daughter-in-law. She looked more than her 84 years, arriving in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank strapped to the back. She was quiet during most of the intake interview and cooperative during testing. But when the topic of hearing aids was broached, Mrs. Jones looked the audiologist directly in the eyes for the first time, saying in a weakened voice: “I don’t think all that will be necessary. I doubt I’ll be on this earth that much longer. I should’ve gone before Henry those 20 years ago.”

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Audiology's Threatened Autonomy May Be Self-Inflicted: Opinion Editorial

In March of this year, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed into law a consumer protection bill for people with hearing loss ensuring that those who purchase hearing aids in her state will be counseled on the benefits and availability of telecoil technology. A handful of other states have done the same with legislation in more states pending. Audiologists frequently have been among the opponents to these legislative initiatives.

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HAT Awareness: Efficiency May Be the Key to Increased Use

As audiologists are well aware, even the highest levels of hearing aid technology fit to best practice standards (Academy, 2006; ASHA, 2006) fail to meet the daily listening demands of many patients with hearing loss (Lesner, 2003; Laplante-Levesque et al, 2013). Indeed, as Table 1 reveals, the degree of hearing deficit remaining post-hearing aid fitting can be substantial.

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