Patricia Saccone

Patricia Saccone

Patricia Saccone, AuD, is an audiologist at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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When Should Audiologists Refer?

In 2005, James R. Steiger, PhD, published Audiologic Referral Criteria: Sample Clinic Guidelines. Those guidelines included sample referral guidelines for hearing aid use, for the identification of vestibular schwannomas, and for the identification of middle-ear disorder with wide-width and narrow-width tympanograms. Considering the passage of time since that paper was published, and the absence of a discussion of tinnitus, vestibular disorders, and sudden sensorineural hearing loss in that paper, it seemed prudent to revisit the topic.

Topic(s): Dizziness, Tinnitus, hearing aid fitting, middle ear disorder, sudden sensorineural hearing loss, Patient care, vestibular disorders