Shreemanti Chakrabarty

Shreemanti Chakrabarty

AuD speaking with elderly patient via Tele-audiology

CODING AND REIMBURSEMENT | Specialty Series: Telehealth

In the era of COVID-19, it has become increasingly important to use different methods of clinical service provision to protect our patients’ health while still addressing their hearing, tinnitus, and vestibular health-care needs. 

As audiology clinics increase their use of telehealth as a method for patient care, audiologists must understand how such changes also impact coding and billing. This article will discuss considerations and provide examples of billing and coding for telehealth services for audiologists.

Topic(s): Coding, reimbursment, Telehealth, tele-audiology, telemedicine

Photo negative of girl who is hard of hearing

CASE STUDY INVESTIGATION | Middle-Ear Function Analysis for Patulous Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

This case study is regarding the diagnostic audiology findings for a patient diagnosed with patulous eustachian tube (ET) dysfunction. A 22-year-old patient complaining of ears stopped up was diagnosed by an ENT physician with patulous ET dysfunction, based on her history of significant weight loss of more than 102 lbs in a year. Diagnostic audiometry as well as tympanometry was conducted to see if the tympanometry pattern coincides with the respiratory cycle. Patient was found to have normal hearing in both ears.

Topic(s): patulous eustachian tube (ET) dysfunction, patulous, eustachian tube, dysfunction, middle ear.