Steve Madix

Steve Madix

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AUDIOLOGY ADVOCATE | Forming a State Audiology Organization: What You Need to Know

The American Academy of Audiology’s State Network Subcommittee (SNS) serves to facilitate communication among states, and to develop and share resources. State advocates often ask the SNS to provide guidance on how states can begin to form their own audiology organization. The Academy has a State Leaders’ Handbook, available on the Academy’s website, which provides an overview of the process. 

Topic(s): Advocacy, State Network Subcommittee


Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2017

Investing in Autonomy Through Student Leadership

Autonomy, professional recognition, and public recognition are all goals of the audiology profession and have been for some time now. Great strides have been made due to the hard work and dedication of many Audiologists through the years, and each one has shared the same advice; pass it on, do your share, and move it forward. Professional advocacy is something we all have a responsibility for, whether one acknowledges it or not.

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