Outreach Council

Outreach Council


  • Promote communications bi-directionally with committee chairs, staff, other councils, and board liaison.
  • Coordinate overarching goals with other committee chairs.
  • Participate in virtual and in-person committee interactions.
  • Support communications among committee chairs under the council.
  • Provide support to committee chairs to accomplish their charges.
  • Monitor charges and accomplishments of the committees under council.


Chair: Amanda Ortmann, PhD
Members at Large:  Joshua Huppert, AuD, Past-Chair
  Kaitlyn Kennedy, AuD, Chair-Elect
AAAF Representative: Helena Solodar, AuD
SAA Representative: Amanda Demas
Members: Judy Huch, AuD, Public Awareness Committee
  Ursula Findlen, PhD, Health Care Relations Committee
  Bridget Shanahan, AuD, Public Awareness Committee
Board Liaison: Melissa Heche, AuD
Staff Liaisons: Amy Miedema, CAE