Learning Labs

Learning Labs

Conference Officially Cancelled

March 11, 2020: In an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our attendees and the patients they serve (who may be part of at-risk populations), the Academy has made the difficult decision to cancel the AAA 2020 + HearTECH Expo (and all related activities and ancillary meetings) due to concerns about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This unanimous decision was made by the Academy’s Board of Directors. 

Full statement and details.

Interactive Presentations

These in-depth, cutting-edge presentations are interactive with many offering hands-on exercises with appropriate clinical practices.

They are presented by leaders in the field of audiology and/or associated professionals and are invited by the Program Committee based on their expertise in certain subject matter areas. 

Learning Labs ($)

Learning Labs are offered on Wednesday only, April 1, from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. These educational offerings are at an additional cost to the main AAA 2020 conference. 

Audiology Career Enhancement (ACE): Gender Speak, Gender Science

Tammy Hughes
Sponsored by ReSound

Men and women grow up in different cultures and learn different lessons about “appropriate” teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership. They're like night and day when it comes to introducing ideas, delivering their bottom line, getting interrupted, receiving criticism, and even not knowing the answer. Those differences are often difficult to see, let alone manage.

This lab will use humor to address the central factors that drive gender-related communication problems and will emphasize the importance of valuing each other’s strengths.

Cerumen Management Workshop: Navigating Your Way Out of a Sticky Situation

Samuel Bittel, AuD

Audiologists should be well versed in cerumen removal, particularly as the entry point for vestibular and hearing health care. As an autonomous health-care practitioner, managing cerumen in a competent and skilled way is a crucial skill we should all possess. This two-part didactic and hand-on workshop will provide you with the foundation and knowledge you need to become experts in cerumen management.

This first portion of the lab will cover the anatomy/physiology of the ear canal, properties of cerumen, technical aspects of removal, management of incidents, infection control, state regulations, and billing. The second portion will begin with a demonstration of different removal techniques and equipment and end with participants getting extensive hands-on experience.

Trust the Patients, Verify the Hearing Aids: SOLD OUT

Lindsey Jorgensen, AuD, PhD

Verification of hearing aids goes beyond “hitting the target” and verifying the aided output of the aid. There are many other features and accessories that are within current hearing aid technology (e.g., frequency lowering, tinnitus management, etc.).  

While REAR (real-ear aided response) will be discussed, this lab will focus on verifying features of hearing aids beyond aided gain and will include a discussion and a hands-on component. The goal of this lab is to improve your ability to complete and increase your comfort with verifying advanced features within hearing aids, as well as verifying the accessories that go along with the products we purchase for our patients.

The Importance of Ethical Selling of Hearing Aid Solutions

Oliver F.  von Borstel

Many in the hearing aid dispensing industry apply “product” or “brand-selling” methods rather than putting the focus on individual patient’s needs in improving their quality of life. This often ends in a dissatisfying situation for the patients and spouse or family member. The needs of a patient are not only to amplify sound, but, even more important, to help the patient and his or her spouse/family member to an improved quality of life. Therefore a non-manipulative ethical selling approach is crucial.

The primary purpose of this lab is to inspire and motivate you about to impart the important moral and ethical aspects when selling hearing aid solutions to those who are in need of hearing and communication improvement—patient, spouse, or other family members of the patient.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV): The Science and Protocols for Successful Treatment and Happy Patients: SOLD OUT

Richard Gans, PhD, and Joseph Sakumura, AuD

This lab will review recent evidence-based science describing the origins, nature, and theories of BPPV, as well as providing the unique opportunity to participate in, hands-on training from highly experienced clinicians.

Protocols developed more than 25 years on over 14,000 patients will be demonstrated. These protocols have produced the best outcomes, lowest rates of recurrence, and potential for canal migration. Additionally, evidence-based treatment strategies to manage biomechanical limitations, reduce nausea/emesis, and ensure patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction will be presented.

Musicians and In-Ear Monitors: An Opportunity to Demonstrate Your Doctoring Skills

Michael Santucci, AuD

A musician comes to your office asking for ear impressions for in-ear monitors. This is your opportunity to educate and motivate the patient to care about their hearing, not just take an ear impression and send them on their way.

This lab will discuss additional services to offer and bill for, how make appropriate recommendations based off of the musician's needs, and recommended follow-up procedures. We will clarify myths that have permeated the music industry about IEMs and hearing safety.  

Hands-on demonstration of in-ear monitors and the dB Check Pro, an in-ear sound-level analyzer, will be included.