Featured Sessions

Featured Sessions

Marion Downs:  Enhancing Auditory Experience for Children Who Wear Hearing Aids

Ryan McCreery, PhD                                                                                            

Hearing Aids in Review          

Catherine Palmer, PhD; Gus Mueller, PhD; and Ryan McCreery, PhD

Great Debate: Telepractice

Moderator Dave Fabry, PhD

Understanding the Pros and Cons of New Sources of Revenue for the Audiology Practice

Gyl Kasewurm, AuD; Soriya Estes, AuD; Kelli House, MA; Paul Pessis, AuD: and Noel Crosby, AuD  

Pharma-Audiology:  Prescriptions Beyond Hearing Aids                               

O’neil Guthrie, PhD, and Thanos Tzounopoulos, PhD

Hidden Hearing Loss and Processing Speech in Noise: What Audiologists Need to Know and Practice Now                       

Bharath Chandrasekaran, PhD, and Edward Lobarinas, PhD