Conference Officially Cancelled

March 11, 2020: In an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our attendees and the patients they serve (who may be part of at-risk populations), the Academy has made the difficult decision to cancel the AAA 2020 + HearTECH Expo (and all related activities and ancillary meetings) due to concerns about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This unanimous decision was made by the Academy’s Board of Directors this evening, Wednesday, March 11. Read the full statement.

The American Academy of Audiology is committed to providing the utmost service to our conference attendees, while working closely with the New Orleans Convention Center and all of our vendors, to provide reasonable services to accommodate our attendees while in attendance at AAA 2020 + HearTECH Expo.

Making Communication Work at AAA 2020 + HearTECH Expo

By Catherine Palmer and Amanda Ortmann

For our audiologists and other attendees with hearing loss, communication accessibility is a primary concern prior to attending the conference. This starts with identifying communication needs during the registration process. 

Read the full article.

The accommodations noted below will be made available, Wednesday, April 1 through Saturday, April 4.

When registering for the conference, select the Special Accommodations section, and those options that pertain to you.

The requested accommodations must be made by March 2, 2020.

The Academy is unable to guarantee availability of any requests made after that date. To do so, access the Special Accommodations section within the AAA 2020 + HearTECH Expo registration system to make your requests.

If you have any questions or concerns about accommodations, contact Heather Finney.

Accommodations offered at AAA 2020 + HearTECH Expo


All session rooms will have Reserved Seating available within the first couple of rows to allow attendees to sit closer to the speaker for better visual and auditory accessibility.  


Reserved Seating Sections: Make sure you sit within the specially reserved seating areas in each session room to have better accessibility and closer proximity to the speakers.

Android Users

  • Use the FREE Google Live Transcribe App: Google Live is a speech-to-text app that is available to anyone with a personal Android device. (This app does not work with Apple users.)
  • We encourage anyone who may have an Android and require the assistance of speech to text, to download this app to use on their personal device throughout the duration of the conference. To download this app, visit Google Live’s webpage.
  • If you do not wish to use your own device, you can also reserve a complimentary tablet (provided by the Academy) already equipped with Google Live Transcribe.

Apple Users

  • Reserve a FREE Academy Tablet: For those attendees who use Apple products or do not have a personal Android device and wish to use Google Live Transcribe, a speech-to-text app, the Academy will provide free tablets already equipped and set up with Google Live Transcribe. To ensure availability, we encourage anyone in need of a tablet to reserve one as far in advance as possible. 

Reserve a FREE Assisted Listening Device: In addition to or in lieu of the options above, you may also request the use of an Assisted Listening Device on-site. To ensure availability, we encourage anyone in need of a device to reserve one in advance.

General Captioning will be made available for the General Assembly on Thursday, April 2.


ADA Shuttle
The Academy will have an ADA shuttle available to anyone in need of mobile assistance to and from any of the AAA 2020 + HearTECH Expo Hotels

Advance notice recommended for planning purposes.

Scooter Rental
Mobility scooter rental is available at the Convention Center for a fee of $50/day. For further information and to rent a scooter, please visit the Convention Center webpage.