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Open Houses

Open Houses

Open houses are for colleges, universities, and learning institutions to gather alumni, faculty, and/or current students and meetings co-organized by universities and state audiology organizations to gather for reception-style events. All Open Houses will be held at the same time and location, as determined by the Academy.

Open House Application

Deadline: The deadline for submitting an Open House application is February 28, 2017.

Application Fee: There is no application fee for Open House events.

Room Availability: A limited number of rooms is available for Open Houses. Rooms will be constructed on the exhibit hall floor, and we will provide a room, free of charge, with no furniture except a 6-foot table in the room. An Open House sign will be positioned outside the room.

At Own Expense: All organizations holding an Open House will be responsible for placing orders and paying for food, beverages, room set, audiovisual equipment, and all other costs associated with hosting the Open House. Any additional arrangements must be made with the appropriate provider. Charges will be billed directly from the facility or service provider to your organization. A list of providers will be emailed to all Open House organizers.

Advertising: Event advertising around the convention center and/or hotels is not permitted. There will be a designated area specifically for Open House event advertising only. All event material, as well as any advertising not pertaining to Academy-approved Open House events, will be reported and discarded. Open Houses will be listed in the online conference planner.

Signage: The Academy will provide a complimentary event sign displaying event information (provided by the Open House). Event signage will be placed at the entrance of the assigned location, prior to the event start time. Signage will be uniform in look and is not customizable.

Location: These rooms have a capacity of 75 for a reception style event. Co-locating Open Houses within the exhibit hall during Celebrate Audiology allows Open House participants to enjoy both events with ease.

Open House Attendance and Registration: Participants who wish to attend an Open House and do not plan to attend AudiologyNOW! may contact by March 30, 2017, to receive a complimentary badge/ticket for admittance into the exhibit hall for Wednesday evening only. No attendees will be admitted without a badge.


Room Set-Up: To set up and meet with catering, access to the room 30 minutes prior to the event start time will be limited to four people per Open House, who must be accompanied onto the show floor by security or staff. Arrangements will be made prior to AudiologyNOW!

Event Time: The published event time for Open Houses is 6:00–7:00 pm. The rooms must be vacated at the end of Celebrate Audiology.

Photographer: The American Academy of Audiology photographer will stop by each open house event to capture candid photographs. The photographer is not available to schedule for a specific time and formal photographs.