Agenda and Learner Outcomes Template

Agenda and Learner Outcomes Template

CE Providers are asked to submit their program agenda and learner outcomes using a template provided by the Academy. This will ensure Academy staff understand the CEUs requested for each program.

 Download the template.

Please note: If the course you are submitting for approval will be offered multiple times and led by a number of different presenters, please write “various” in the presenter column. When you reach Task 8 in the submission system, you will then be required to list all potential presenters.

Learner Outcome Reminders

When formulating your learner outcomes, remember they should be clear statements of the anticipated results to be achieved through an educational activity, focusing primarily on what participants are expected to learn as a result of attending that specific educational activity. Learner outcomes describe an observable behavior that the learner will be able to demonstrate as a result of the learning experience.

Learner outcomes should finish the following sentence: "Upon completion, participants will be able to..." To finish this sentence, follow with a measurable action verb (based on Bloom's Taxonomy) such as: describe, demonstrate, solve, identify, compare, contrast, evaluate, prepare, summarize, and write. Verbs to avoid: know, understand, learn, comprehend, and believe.