Academy Research Conference

Academy Research Conference

The American Academy of Audiology’s Academy Research Conference is an annual one-day translational research conference which was launched in 2009. The conferences are equally designed for audiologists who wish to gain a better understanding of the latest research in areas of critical need and positively impact the care of their patients; as well as scientists who want a deeper knowledge and understanding of the latest findings in these translational areas of study. Post-doctoral fellows and doctoral students in audiology and the hearing sciences will also have the opportunity to join these thought-provoking discussions, with some competitively selected to make poster presentations as a means of encouraging our emerging scientists.

In keeping with the mission of ARC to make research available to practitioners, the conferences are held each year on the opening day of AudiologyNOW! ®, the American Academy of Audiology’s annual convention and exposition, which draws an attendance of over 7,000 audiologists, scientists, doctoral students, and representatives from a wide variety of industries, organizations and other agencies of interest to the profession of audiology. Each of these conferences seeks to engage audiologists and scientists in presentations and discussions to more critically understand clinically relevant research. These conferences reflect the American Academy of Audiology’s commitment to fostering the accessibility and transparency of research, as well as the translation of the latest data into clinical practice in audiology.

Upcoming ARCs:

2015 - Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation
March 25, 2015  San Antonio, TX
An estimated 35 percent of adults in the United States over the age of 40 have experienced some degree of vestibular dysfunction. Although the occurrence of these dysfunctions increases with age, vestibular disorders affect the pediatric population as well.

This one-day translational conference will review these various dysfunctions and what research and practice is being done across the globe in the areas of vestibular assessment and rehabilitation. Scientists, researchers, clinicians, and students are all encouraged to attend and hear from an internationally respected panel of experts who will present the latest research and evidence from their laboratories and describe how it can be translated into clinical practice.

2016 - Auditory Processing in Children and Adults