Let Me Hear From You: Requesting Your Service…Become a Professional Ambassador

Let Me Hear From You: Requesting Your Service…Become a Professional Ambassador

Over the course of the past year, I've had many opportunities to be an ambassador for the profession of audiology. Whether it was sitting next to someone in the airport who asked what I did or when the taxi driver asked me on the way to the hotel why I was in town. Each of these individuals may have regretted their question as they all heard an "earful" about the profession of audiology. 

I know each of you have opportunities to talk about what we do as audiologists and the impact we have on those we serve. While we've come a long way regarding public awareness about the profession of audiology, we must continue to work so that audiology is a household word and everyone understands the value we bring to the health-care system. I'm asking each of you to become ambassadors for the profession of audiology!

Just last month, additional information was added to the Academy Web site regarding our continuing efforts to partner with the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) in the "Get in the Hearing Loop" campaign. Many of our patients have experienced the benefits of using hearing loops. These additional resources will help you advocate for loop systems in your community. Be a hearing loop ambassador and access these additional materials.

With "audiology" listed as the 5th best job of 2014 by Career Cast, take this opportunity to create materials in support of career day at your local high school, which will be here before you know it! Why not contact your local medical association and offer to do a presentation on hearing loss and the comorbidities of other health conditions. There are so many opportunities to be an ambassador for the profession. You simply need to find what suits you best and get out there talk about what you do! It doesn't matter if you're talking to one person or one hundred people each little bit makes a difference. We have come a long way in consumer awareness about the profession but don't stop now, let's keep it up!

I also wanted to mention one of the many Academy projects that has been completed over the past year. I'm thankful for the work of both our volunteers and staff to bring this project to completion. Our first Practice Management Specialty Meeting is scheduled for September 11–12, 2015, in Baltimore, Maryland. Thank you to our Program Chair, Dr. Karen Jacobs, for creating a program that will take your practice from surviving to thriving! Don't miss the 20 percent registration discount that is being offered through June 15. I hope to see many of you in Baltimore in September.

I've ended each of my columns this past year with the phrase "until next time." Since this will be my last column, I wanted to take a moment to say a few public thank you's. First, without my incredible parents I couldn't have done this. You have supported my endeavors throughout my career, but never more so than this past year. To my colleagues at the University of Akron and the students of NOAC—Thank you for adjusting my schedule and being flexible when I wasn't immediately available. You are the best!

I have been surrounded by an outstanding group of dedicated board members, committee and task force chairs, and a multitude of committee and task force members. These individuals have volunteered endless hours to advance the profession of audiology. I have had the pleasure of working with our new Executive Director, Tanya Tolpegin, and the incredible Academy staff that take our vision to fruition!

Finally, I want to thank you, our members, for giving me the honor and privilege of serving the profession of audiology in this capacity. Your Academy is strong because of your support and the efforts each of us continue to make to break boundaries and move the profession forward. Please remember that what we do matters…we continue to change people's lives every day. I wish each of you continued success in your lives and careers!