Acoustic Neuroma Patient Needs and Concerns

Acoustic Neuroma Patient Needs and Concerns

April 13, 2015 In the News

Leong and Lesser (2015) reported that 880 members of the British Acoustic Neuroma Association were e-mailed a survey of which 480 were returned from people who had been diagnosed and treated for acoustic neuroma, and 465 had complete data, used for analysis. Acoustic neuroma treatment ranged from surgical excision for 47 percent of the respondents, stereotactic radiosurgery was the treatment for 25 percent, some 23 percent  had serial MRIs, and the remaining 5 percent had surgery and stereotactic radiosurgery. 

The 55-item Patient Concerns Inventory—Acoustic Neuroma (PCI-AN) addresses many issues including hearing, intimacy, fatigue, financial/benefits, relationships, regret, and family support. The most common issue/concern selected by participants was tinnitus (46 percent), followed by fatigue/tiredness. Twenty-nine percent of respondents had fears their AN would recur, 29 percent reported concern about their facial appearance, and some 26 percent were concerned about head and neck pain.

The respondents noted that the three professionals they most wanted to speak with were the ENT/neurosurgeon, the audiologist, and the vestibular/balance physiotherapist. The authors note that the results of their study will help highlight issues important to patients diagnosed with AN. The PCI-AN is unlike quality of life (QoL) surveys in that the PCI-AN seeks concerns and issues from the patients themselves.

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Leong SC, Lesser TH.(2015) A United Kingdom Survey of Concerns, Needs, and Priorities Reported by Patients Diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma. Otology & Neurotology 36:486–490.

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