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Binaural Loudness Summation

Binaural Loudness Summation

April 07, 2009 In the News

Epstein and Florentine (2009) presented monitored live voice (MLV) spondees, recorded spondees, and pure tones (1000 Hz, pulsed, 200 msec) monaurally and binaurally via loudspeakers and earphones to eight normal hearing young listeners (aged 19 to 30 years; 5 female, 3 male). Binaural loudness summation was determined to be less for loudspeakers than for earphones and, binaural loudness summation was noted to be least with MLV spondee presentation via loudspeakers. With regard to their data, and previous data (Whilby et all, 2006, Cox and Gray 2001), Epstein and Florentine recommend that loudness assessment for binaurally fitted hearing aids should be verified using realistic stimuli via loudspeakers.

For More Information, References and Recommendations:
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