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Can Patients Program Amplification Systems?

Can Patients Program Amplification Systems?

November 14, 2013 In the News

 Previous publications have addressed the issue of patients successfully programming their own hearing aids. McNeill et al (2008) reported on 40 adult patients with Meniere’s disease (22 males, 18 females, aged 30 to 79) who were taught to program their own hearing aids in tandem with Meniere’s disease associated hearing changes. Seventy percent of the patients continued to program their hearing aids after the study and reported greater satisfaction with their hearing aids.

Botros et al (2013) reported results comparing 37 cochlear implant (CI) subjects who programmed based on traditional programming methods (the audiologist programs the CI) versus CI fittings managed by the CI recipient. In essence, no statistically significant differences in group performance means or subjective preferences were observed, regardless of the CI fitting protocol. The authors report that "…both the clinician-fit trial and the recipient-fit trial demonstrated equivalent speech perception scores…."  

For More Information, References, and Recommendations

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