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Cochlear Implants and Music Quality

Cochlear Implants and Music Quality

September 20, 2011 In the News

Looi et al (2011) developed and pilot tested a Music Quality Rating Test Battery (MQRTB) that included ratings of 10 songs (various genres) based on pleasantness, naturalness, richness, fullness, sharpness, and roughness. The authors worked with 65 adult listeners, then 10 normally hearing listeners and eventually “pilot-tested” the MQRTB on 5 Med-El cochlear implant (CI) recipients.

The authors determined that the MQRTB appears to be a useful test relating to the quality of music perceived by the listener. Further, despite a relatively small number of participants (5), the MQRTB enabled within-subject comparisons of multiple CI program settings.  With regard to the CI recipients, Fine Structure Processing (FSP) and High Definition Continuous Interleaved Sampling (HDCIS) were evaluated.  The authors report the FSP protocol was rated closer to “exactly as I want it to sound” than was HDCIS and they state the current practice of using FSP as the initial program is warranted. The potential for wider clinical and research applications of the MQRTB is apparent.

For More Information, References and Recommendations

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