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Cochlear Implants for Single Sided Deafness?

Cochlear Implants for Single Sided Deafness?

March 30, 2011 In the News

With respect to amplification, single-sided deafness (SSD) has generally been treated through (1) watch and wait, (2) contralateral routing of signals (CROS) hearing aids, and (3) bone-anchored hearing solutions (BAHS). Recently, cochlear implants (CIs) have been used to treat SSD as well as unilateral tinnitus.

Arndt, Aschendorff, Laszig et al (2011) used a prospective design to study speech comprehension and localization abilities, six months after treatment with CIs, CROS, and BAHS. In brief, the SSD patients who received CIs experienced improved hearing and had better localization percepts than did people with CROS and BAHS. Further, CIs did not negatively impact or interfere with speech understanding in the normal hearing ear.

The authors note that their data suggests binaural integration of acoustic/natural and electric/CI auditory signals is indeed, possible.

For More Information, References, and Recommendations

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