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Combining Cochlear Implants and Linear Frequency Transposition Hearing Aids

Combining Cochlear Implants and Linear Frequency Transposition Hearing Aids

January 30, 2013 In the News

Hua et al (2012) evaluated the benefits obtained from linear frequency transposition (LFT) hearing aid processing strategies applied to the non-implanted ear of nine unilaterally implanted cochlear implant (CI) patients. Five male and four female adults participated in the study. The patients were each frequent users of bi-modal amplification and each had moderate-to-profound high frequency hearing loss in the contralateral (non-implanted) ear.

The test protocol included seven listening situations such as the CI by itself, the CI in combination with multiple hearing aids (their own hearing aid, the new/experimental hearing aid with LFT on, the new/experimental hearing aid with LFT off…) and (the same) hearing aids without the CI. Monosyllabic words in quiet and noise and the SSQ were used to evaluate results.

Hua et al concluded bimodal protocols (one CI and one hearing aid in the opposite ear) are advantageous for CI patients. However, LFT neither degraded nor enhanced speech performance in conjunction with a CI in quiet or in noise, and statistically the differences across listening conditions were non-significant.

For More Information, References, and Recommendations

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