Combining Cochlear Implants and Normal Hearing

Combining Cochlear Implants and Normal Hearing

March 27, 2015 In the News

Since 2008 (see Van De Hetning, Vermeire and Diebl), multiple reports and studies have addressed the benefit of cochlear implants (CIs) in the worse (unilateral deafness or “unaidable”) ear, given a normal (or nearly normal, or aidable) contralateral ear (see Arndt, Aschendorff, Laszig et al 2011, Baguley 2010, Buechner, Brendel, Lesinki-schiedat et al 2010, VanZon, Peters, Stegeman et al, 2015). Taken together, these multiple reports demonstrate CIs as a viable and suitable aural rehabilitation option for adults with unilateral profound deafness.        

Tavora-Vieira (2015) performed a prospective study on 28 patients undergoing cochlear implantation for unilateral deafness. The authors report that for their patients with unilateral deafness, CIs provided improved speech perception in noise and improved subjective perception of hearing (as measured by the SSQ and the APHAB) and CIs often decrease perceived tinnitus. With specific regard to the SSQ, unilateral CIs provided improvement across all three subscales (speech, spatial hearing and qualities of hearing). The authors report age at time of implantation and duration of deafness did not affect outcome.

For More Information, References, and Recommendations

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