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Deep in the Heart of Texas with Marion P. Downs

Deep in the Heart of Texas with Marion P. Downs

November 20, 2008 In the News

At the recent Texas Academy of Audiology (TAA) meeting held in Richardson, Texas, on November 14-15, 2008, Marion P. Downs was one of the featured speakers.

Ross Roeser, PhD, introduced Marion Downs. He noted that she has lectured in more than 15 nations, has an honorary doctorate from the University of Northern Colorado, and has two medals of achievement (University of Minnesota and University of Colorado). Dr. Downs has served as a pioneer, an advocate, a researcher, a clinician, and most recently as an author of non-audiology books.

As she approached the podium, the enthusiastic and appreciative audience gave her a standing ovation for her innovation, creativity, and impact regarding newborn hearing screenings and her many professional and personal accomplishments. Dr. Downs initiated her podium presentation with "Now that I'm 94 years old, I got a standing ovation for just standing." Her energetic, humorous, and well-received presentation reflected on and detailed many of the milestones and notable events in her life, which are further described in her latest book, Shut Up and Live, available through Cold Tree Press ( ISBN 1-58385-034-1.

Dr. Downs spoke emphatically about the need for daily physical exercise to help keep bodies and brains strong and healthy and to help people stay interested and interesting. She reviewed a bit of her daily stretching and exercising regimen, as well as scholastic, academic, recreational, and other facets of her fascinating life. She noted only about one-third of your individual longevity is based on your genetic make-up, the rest is based on choices you make. Dr. Downs advocated the benefits of good friends, competent doctors, good sex, intelligent endeavors, conversation, and, occasionally, a touch of the extreme.

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Dr. Marion Downs will serve as the honorary chair of the American Board of Audiology (ABA) Pediatric Audiology Specialty Certification initiative. Learn more...

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