Detecting Hearing Loss, Vertigo Via Blood Tests

Detecting Hearing Loss, Vertigo Via Blood Tests

August 22, 2016 In the News

On the one hand, the ability to detect inner-ear proteins as biomarkers of hearing loss and vestibular dysfunction from blood samples is very promising, but on the other, how hard is it to get the more primary care physicians to refer for a hearing test?  Surveys suggest that only 23 percent of adults receive hearing screenings during routine physical examinations, and in many cases, their physicians just dismiss patient concerns as “typical for your age.”  While this blood test may indeed be a good way to emphasize the comorbidity between hearing loss and cardiovascular disease, the “root mean cause” of this issue is raising awareness for the importance of hearing. The next step is developing a sense of urgency to act when a hearing loss is detected, particularly in the aging population!


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