Effective Marketing for the Audiologist

Effective Marketing for the Audiologist

August 22, 2008 In the News

In response to the needs of audiologists in private practice and other audiologists with a keen interest in marketing and expanding their practice, the 2008 American Academy of Audiology's The BEST Guide to Marketing for Audiologists offers the "top 10" ideas for newsletter topics.

  • Hunters and Hearing Loss
  • Are Two Hearing Aids Better Than One?
  • Nine Out of Ten Consumers Say Hearing Aids Improve Quality of Life
  • Open Fit/Open Ear Hearing Aids: Discrete and Comfortable to Wear
  • Bluetooth — What Is It?
  • Patient's Perspective
  • My Ringing Ears
  • Keeping Your Hearing Aids Dry
  • Using Good Communication Strategies
  • Custom Ear Molds Are Available for a Wide Range of Applications

Other marketing approaches specifically tailored to physicians, university settings, and the general public are covered as well. Comprehensive business plans, strategic plans, marketing plans, and sample budgets are reviewed and presented in detail. Marketing "Jump Starts"are quick and easy-to-implement marketing solutions that can be used right away. The importance of patient retention and building long-term professional relationships are highlighted. Many other innovative and effective marketing tools and services are presented for audiologists to maximize their marketing dollars while achieving the greatest return on investment.

For More Information, References and Recommendations:
American Academy of Audiology
The BEST Guide to Marketing for Audiologists
Gyl A. Kasewurm, AuD, Editor
2008 ISBN 0-9766294-2-9
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