How Do You Sign, “Venti Berry Hibiscus Refresher”?

How Do You Sign, “Venti Berry Hibiscus Refresher”?

July 31, 2018 In the News

Well, you better get working on your signing skills for that favorite drink of yours. Then take the Red Line on the DC metro to the Union Station, do not walk toward the Capitol, but go the other way towards 6th and H streets. There, in the very near future, you will find a Starbucks store to practice your newly polished signing skills.

Yes, Starbucks will open its first Sign-Language-Only store in the United States near the Gallaudet University campus. The location is symbolic, the recognition of the needs of those who use sign language as their primary mode of communication is remarkable, and we hope there are more of such inclusive venues in the works. Turns out that this is not Starbuck’s first attempt to engage with the Deaf community. A similar store already exists in Malaysia.

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