Meclizine: Update Issues and Answers

Meclizine: Update Issues and Answers

November 06, 2015 In the News

Desmond (2015) reports that Meclizine (aka Antivert, Nonine, and Dramamine II) is an antihistamine with antiemetic and anti-cholinergic properties (i.e., anticholinergics tend to block the transmission of acetylcholine in the PNS and CNS). reports that “Meclizine is an antihistamine with antiemetic and antispasmodic activity. It suppresses the nervous system by blocking the action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Meclizine prevents nausea and vomiting by reducing the activity of the center in the brain that controls nausea. It also prevents motion sickness by reducing excitability of neurons in the motion and balance center (vestibular region) of the brain. The FDA approved Meclizine in February 1957.”

Desmond states that Meclizine has been prescribed often for patients with complaints of vertigo and/or dizziness. Further, he states, “For a medication that is so widely used, there is very little solid information, creating potential for confusion regarding application and potential side effects….” He reports that “Meclizine is helpful for vertigo associated with sudden acute vestibular asymmetry due to Meniere’s Disease or Vestibular Neuritis/Labyrinthitis….” Desmond cautions that Meclizine should be discontinued as soon as symptoms have diminished. Importantly, Desmond reports Meclizine is not recommended for light-headedness, unsteadiness, loss of balance, or disequilibrium….”

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