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Proposal Submissions for AudiologyNOW!® 2009

Proposal Submissions for AudiologyNOW!® 2009

September 17, 2008 In the News

Interview with Lisa Yonkers
Senior Director of Meeting Services
American Academy of Audiology

By: Douglas L. Beck, AuD
Board Certified in Audiology
Web Content Editor
American Academy of Audiology

Academy/Beck: Good morning, Lisa.

Academy/Yonkers: Hi, Doug.

Academy/Yonkers: Lisa, how long have you been with the Academy and what is your position?

Academy/Beck: I’ve been with the Academy for just about five years now. I’m the senior director of meeting services.

Academy/Beck: Excellent. Lisa, I know the process for submitting presentations and other proposals for AudiologyNow!® has changed. I was hoping you could walk me through some of the changes?

Academy/Yonkers: Absolutely. We’ve have a lot of new and exciting upgrades in the protocol and these changes will make it much easier for people to submit courses, presentations, and other proposals. The new system is similar to the previous system, but it’s upgraded, so it’s easier and more straightforward.

Academy/Beck: OK, so if I’d like to submit a proposal for a podium presentation of sorts, how do I do that?

Academy/Yonkers: The best way to start is to go to the Web site and click on the link located on the opening page. You click into the box near the top, it’s labeled, Call for Innovative Proposals in Knowledge, Science, and Technology.

That will direct you to a page that contains the submission deadlines, the guidelines that contain detailed descriptions of the type of sessions, who to contact, and more. Make sure you have read through the “guidelines” before submitting so that you know what kind of information is required, how it will be scored and additional information on the submission process.

Academy/Beck: And then you can submit your proposal?

Academy/Yonkers: Yes. Clink on the “Submit your innovative proposal NOW!” This takes you to here.

All you do is enter your e-mail and create a simple password to establish an account, and you’re in. This is where you actually create the proposal.

Academy/Beck: Okay. I’ve run through this protocol and it‘s nice and simple. For the readers, I should note the description is a bit like tying your shoes. Hard to describe, easy to do. Once you get to the submission system it’s pretty much done. You can write the proposal there, edit, minimize or save, and come back later with just your email address and password.

Academy/Yonkers: Yes, and the system does include a spell-check, and even tells you when you’re done and ready to submit, or what other information you still need to add. Another good thing to know is if you’re submitting more than one proposal, you can submit all of them in the one account.

Academy/Beck: Okay, and as always, you’re available for people who need more information or have particular questions to address?

Academy/Yonkers: Exactly. Academy members should contact Barbara Wertheim,, me at, or any of the other Academy staff if they have questions or need help. Members can also phone me at the Academy’s toll free number, 800-AAA-2336.

Academy/Beck: Thanks, Lisa.

Academy/Yonkers: You’re welcome, Doug.

For Additional Information: Links, Contact Information, Deadlines and More:
Lisa Yonkers
Senior Director of Meeting Services

Online Proposal Submissions


Deadline for Learning Modules and Exhibitor Courses — October 6, 2008

Deadline for Research Pods, Research Posters, Clinical Case Studies Posters, Student Research Forum — November 24, 2008

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