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Relationship Between Endolympahtic Hydrops and Calorics?

Relationship Between Endolympahtic Hydrops and Calorics?

March 13, 2012 In the News

Kato et al (2011) investigated the relationship between endolymphatic hydrops (physically measured based on advanced, 3-Tesla MRI studies) and the caloric response of the lateral semicircular canal (LSC) to cool air stimulation. Twenty-four adult patients (13 men and 11 women) participated in the study. Physical measures of the degree of endolympahtic hydrops (EH) were made with respect to the cochlea, vestibule and ampulla of the LSC.

In brief, the authors stated "No statistically significant association was observed between the caloric response and the degree of EH."

For More Information, References, and Recommendations

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