Single-Sided Deafness, Cochlear Implants, and Speech Understanding

Single-Sided Deafness, Cochlear Implants, and Speech Understanding

December 22, 2015 In the News

Zeitler et al (2015) reported on nine people (ages 12 to 63 years) with single-sided deafness (SSD) and normal hearing in the other ear, all of whom underwent cochlear implantation in the SSD ear. With regard to post-op speech understanding in noise, the authors report “one of our aims was to assess the value of a CI for SSD patients when the listening environment simulated a ‘real world’ situation, that is, listening in a restaurant where the talker was on the side of the CI. In this environment, each patient exhibited a large and significant improvement in speech understanding…” The authors report their findings are consistent with previous research which also indicated “better performance with a CI than with a CROS aid or a BAHA in similar environments.” Zeitler et al note that significant variance in patient outcomes is apparent, and the outcome have as of yet, not been predictable based on the studied demographic variables.

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