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So What Did You Hear This Summer?

So What Did You Hear This Summer?

September 20, 2017 In the News

The lawn is starting to slow down. The kids are back in school. The leaves are threatening to turn. And the white slacks are put away. Summer must be behind us. Talk around the water cooler or around the block while walking pets is soon going to turn to speculation about the winter. Is it going to be a bad one? Is it going to be another one of those late winters?

This brief interlude between the major crescendos of our yearly rhythm of life also is the time to compare notes about summer activities, especially summer travels. “How was your trip?” This becomes the common greeting when you see a friend or a neighbor. “Did you see …. ?” Another common follow-up that keeps the conversation flowing. But why does going places always have to be about seeing things? Do we leave our other senses at home when we go on vacation?

The Sound Traveler certainly does not want you to leave your ears and hearing at home when you travel. In fact, the Sound Traveler is bringing the sounds of different places to you. Equipped with binaural microphones, the Sound Traveler is not only listening to places but also bringing the sounds along with the sights from around the world to the rest of us. Definitely worth a click, if you ask us.

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