Socio-Demographics and Tinnitus

Socio-Demographics and Tinnitus

January 15, 2015 In the News

Previous studies have addressed issues and variables that correlate with tinnitus. However, Hoekstra, Wesdrop, and van Zanten (2014) report that previous studies have used univariate analysis, which potentially included (or perhaps were secondary to) unknown confounding effects. Therefore, in their retrospective study they used a multivariate analysis to evaluate the interdependencies between multiple variables.

They report that 309 patients were evaluated from 2009 to 2012 including 208 males and 101 females. The mean age of the study participants was 51 years and the mean duration of tinnitus was 7 years. Of note, the mean tinnitus pitch was reported to be 6000 Hz and the mean tinnitus loudness was 51 dB HL.

Hoekstra, Wesdrop, and van Zanten postulate that loudness or pitch (of tinnitus) does not relate to perceived severity of tinnitus. Rather, “the severity experienced has its repercussions on the way loudness or pitch is perceived….”  Further, the “percentage of tinnitus awareness during the day, self-reported depression and/or anxiety, and subjectively experienced loudness…” are strongly related to the severity of the perceived tinnitus. Three additional factors that were determined to be related to severity of tinnitus were level of education, additional somatic complaints and subjectively reported variations in loudness and pitch.

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