Sound Therapy to Expand Dynamic Range

Sound Therapy to Expand Dynamic Range

May 18, 2015 In the News

Formby et al (2015) evaluated the “validity, efficacy, and generalization of principles” used to expand the dynamic range (DR), based on Hazell and Sheldrake’s (H&S) hyperacusis protocols. Thirty-six participants with sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) and reduced dynamic ranges (which negatively impacting their ability to use hearing aids) were evaluated using a placebo-controlled and randomized clinical trial (RCT). Four participant groups were formed—one full treatment group, two different partial treatment groups, and one neutral control group. 

Formby et al report that their study substantially supports the validity, efficacy, and generality of the principles described by H&S as they relate to treating hyperacusis and increasing the DR.

For More Information, References, and Recommendations

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