Spoken Language Benefits via Cochlear Implantation Prior to Age 12 Months

Spoken Language Benefits via Cochlear Implantation Prior to Age 12 Months

June 10, 2013 In the News

Nicholas and Geers (2013) report on 69 children (presumed to be deaf from birth) who received cochlear implants between ages 6 months and 18 months.  All children were evaluated at age 4.5 years with regard to receptive and expressive vocabulary and receptive language (including grammar).  Twenty-seven of the children received their cochlear implant (CI) at age 6 to 11 months and 42 children received their CIs between 12 and 18 months.  

On average, children who received their CI earlier (age 6 to 12 months) demonstrated significant advantage with regard to vocabulary and receptive and expressive spoken language ability.

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