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Summer CEU Sale: Interview with Academy Education Manager

Summer CEU Sale: Interview with Academy Education Manager

July 12, 2008 In the News
Interview with Cornelia Gallow,
Education Manager
American Academy of Audiology
By Douglas L. Beck, AuD
Board Certified in Audiology
Web Content Editor
American Academy of Audiology

July 5, 2008

Academy/Beck: Good morning, Cornelia. Thanks for taking time out of your holiday weekend to speak with me about the Academy's eAudiology Web seminars program.

Academy/Gallow: No problem, Doug. Thank you, too.

Academy/Beck: Cornelia, I know you've been the education manager at the Academy for just over two years because I had the pleasure of working with you and the committee at the beginning of the Academy's “eAudiology” program. Since that time, the Academy's offerings have really blossomed.

Academy/Gallow: Thanks, Doug, I agree. We've found as we increase Web seminar choices and we add greater depth and multiple content areas, memberparticipation increases. We've got almost two dozen Web seminars at this time, with many others in various scheduling and development phases.

Academy/Beck: I was reviewing the Web seminars earlier this morning and I noticed the Academy has quite a different Web seminar orientation than other CEU provider Web sites. Can you comment on that?

Academy/Gallow: The Academy focuses on clinical and academic offerings. We don't offer manufacturer-specific training programs. So that does separate us from other CEU sources.

Academy/Beck: Additionally, I noticed the Academy offers “Tier 1” opportunities, Can you explain what that’s about?

Academy/Gallow: Right. For readers not familiar with Tier 1 offerings, the American Board of Audiology (ABA) requires Tier 1 credits for Board Certified Audiologists. In other words, every three years, Board Certified audiologists need 60 CEUs. Tier 1 credits (also called Category 1 CEUs) must make up 15 of those. Again, that's a three-year requirement, not an annual requirement! And we're hoping to add a few more Tier 1 credit offerings by the end of the year.

Academy/Beck: Cornelia, please tell me a little about the "eAudiology Summer CEU Sale."

Academy/Gallow: During July and August, member audiologists can purchase all the on-demand Web seminars and CEU opportunities they'd like at a 50% discount.

Academy/Beck: And when you say they can purchase them in July and August, they don't have to actually use them until the end of the year - is that right?

Academy/Gallow: Yes. For Academy members with busy summer schedules, they can purchase the Web seminars and CEU opportunities they'll need for 2008 while the sale is on, and they can view the Web seminar(s) and earn their CEUs later in the year.

Academy/Beck: That's great. Lastly, as I looked through the courses, I noted some are offered for 0.1 CEUs, others are 0.2 CEUs, etc. I assume 0.1 CEU equals one, 60 minute class and 0.2 CEUs means the class runs 120 minutes?

Academy/Gallow: Yes, that's how it works. Of course the prices reflect length of the course as well as the number of CEUs to be earned. For example, if the class is 0.1 CEU (60 minutes), the regular price is $45 for an Academy member. If the class is offered for 0.2 CEUs (120 minutes) it would normally be $75 for the member and 0.3 CEUs (180 minutes) usually costs $120. However, if members attend the "live seminars" they can add multiple participants for a nominal cost. And again, during July and August we're offering half off the prices I just quoted.

Academy/Beck: Thanks, Cornelia. The half off price is outstanding and I think you'llfind the Academy members will jump on that deal. In the meantime, if members have problems or questions on the practicalities of how to participate, I presume they can contact you directly?

Academy/Gallow: Absolutely. Anyone with questions should feel free to contact me at 800-AAA-2336, ext. 1068, or

Academy/Beck: Thanks, Cornelia. I appreciate your time this morning.

Academy/Gallow: Thank you, too, Doug.

For more information regarding the Academy's Web seminars, visit

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