Tinnitus Primary Function Questionnaire

Tinnitus Primary Function Questionnaire

December 09, 2014 In the News

Tyler et al (2014) have developed a new questionnaire, the Tinnitus Primary Function Questionnaire (TPFQ,) for use with tinnitus patients. The TPFQ focuses on the primary handicaps related to tinnitus. Although each person manifests tinnitus uniquely, the primary activities impaired by tinnitus are (1) thoughts and emotions (including depression and anxiety), (2) sleep difficulties, (3) hearing difficulties, and (4) concentration. Secondary deficits may also be present, including socialization, difficulty at work, and tinnitus may impact overall quality of life and may impact other areas.

One hundred and fifty-eight subjects participated in the study. Validity measures (does the test measure what it purports to test?), sensitivity measures (will the test measure/reflect changes if they occur?), reliability (does the test provide consistent and reliable results?), construct validity, and other factors were evaluated and judged to be appropriate. The authors conclude that the TPFQ “is valid, reliable, and sensitive and can be used to determine the efficacy of clinical trials.”

 For More Information, References and Recommendations

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