Practice Management Specialty Meeting 2016 Office Staff Workshop Agenda

Success Begins Up Front!

Increasing front office staff skills for dispensing audiologist's private practice.

Beth Ehrlich, AuD, and Roxann Bonta, MA

Friday, June 17, 1:30–5:15 pm

  1. Understanding the Role in a Dispensing Audiology Practice

    1. The impact of front office staff (FOS)
    2. Importance of consistency and responsibilities
    3. FOS contribution to practice success

  2. Interaction with Audiologist

    1. Who's responsible for what
    2. How information is transferred between FOS and AuD

  3. The All-Important Patient Engagement

    1. Optimizing the schedule
    2. Consistent delivery of practice message through scripting
    3. Getting to "yes"
    4. Third-party importance
    5. Effective use of phone
    6. Handling complaints
    7. FOS direct revenue generators
      1. Out of warranty sales
      2. Patient referrals
    8. First impressions
      1. Visual
      2. Voice
      3. Verbal
    9. Role playing of phone appointment success

Saturday, June 18, 8:30–11:45 am

  1. Office Software

    1. Different programs available
      1. Web-based programs
      2. Software programs
    2. Importance of inputting accurate and correct information
      1. Making sure the information is inputted
      2. Obtaining referral sources, billing, insurance and personal information 
    3. Producing detailed reports
      1. Who is responsible
      2. Knowing software benefits and limitations
      3. Using the obtained information
        1. Recall programs, promotions

  2. Marketing

    1. Understanding marketing responsibilities
      1. Cards
      2. Direct mail
      3. Updating patients
      4. Office presentation
    2. Web site management

  3. Interaction with Manufacturers

    1. Update software
    2. Relationships with representatives and trainers

  4. Insurance

    1. Importance of benefits
    2. Prior authorization
    3. Billing

  5. Networking with Other Staff Participants

Attendees should bring to the presentation:

  1. Their job description
  2. Write their interpretation of their job description
  3. Office forms to share
  4. Description of office layouts

Leaner Outcomes

Upon completion of this session, the participant will be able to:

  1. List four of the five impacts front office staff has on dispensing audiology practices.
  2. Define the five pillars of customer service.
  3. Describe the five basic rules of handling complaints.