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It is the position of the American Academy of Audiology that hearing aid dispensers who are not licensed audiologists are misrepresenting their qualifications to consumers when they use titles such as “audioprosthologist” or similar terms that imply the practice of audiology.

In order to protect consumers and to preserve the integrity of the profession of audiology, the American Academy of Audiology herein establishes the position that the use of the title “audioprosthologist” be prohibited.

The American Academy of Audiology urges all licensing or registration boards to act on this important matter of consumer protection and prohibit the use of the term “audioprosthologist” or any similar title and description of services incorporating the words “audiologist,” “audiological,” “diagnostic,” “hearing center,” “hearing clinic,” “hearing clinician,” “hearing therapist,” “hearing care professional,” or any similar titles or descriptions of service using the prefix “audio,” or implying the testing and management of hearing and balance disorders by those not licensed or registered as audiologists.

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