Showcasing the latest media coverage to include audiology and Academy coverage, as well as that of our members.

Since embarking on a strategic, comprehensive, and consistent public relations campaign in May 2017, the Academy has seen several inroads in media coverage to include audiology and Academy coverage, as well as that of our members. We are excited and proud to showcase these endeavors to you, our members on a regular basis.

June 2023

Coverage in June reached 256 million readers with a value of $2.3 million. Fortune Magazine included an article on Medicare coverage of hearing aids and over the counter and references information from the Academy. The article was read by more than 18.7 million readers and also picked up by other outlets around the world. Healthy Hearing ran a story on cochlear implants vs. hearing aids. Past Academy President Sarah Sydlowski, AuD, PhD, MBA, was interviewed. MSN ran an online story on over-the-counter hearing aids. Yahoo! Finance ran a story on Medicare coverage of hearing aids. A Hampton Roads TV station ran a story on protecting hearing from fireworks.

July 2023

Coverage in July reached 231 million readers and TV viewers with a value of $2.15 million. HealthSmart ran an article on the potential dangers of fireworks on hearing. Television stations across the U.S. ran the story as both broadcast and online. The Atlanta Voice uses information from the Academy in its article on noise pollution. Bustle ran an article on “Why Hearing Health is More Important Than You may Think”, that was also picked up by MSN. The article quotes Sarah Lundstrom, AuD, a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. WellSpan Health includes an article that has circulated on protecting hearing from fireworks. It includes information from the Academy on noise levels. “Protect Your Hearing from Fireworks this Fourth of July,” was picked up by TV stations, print and online outlets across the U.S. Columbia University Irving Medical Center ran a story, “Does Living in a Loud City Hurt Your Hearing?” The story was picked up by MedicalXpress and others.

Hearing Review and a number of Capitol Hill outlets ran stories on a bipartisan Bill that would expand access to hearing services through Medicare. The Mount Vernon Grapevine is one of many that ran the story.


The Academy communications team is pitching the importance of getting a hearing check for any students with sudden academic decline. A member template is included online. Next up will be the promotion of Balance Awareness Week, September 17–23.

If you have a story idea, please feel free to contact Vicki Bendure at, or 202-374-9259 (call or text).