Showcasing the latest media coverage to include audiology and Academy coverage, as well as that of our members.

Since embarking on a strategic, comprehensive, and consistent public relations campaign in May 2017, the Academy has seen several inroads in media coverage to include audiology and Academy coverage, as well as that of our members. We are excited and proud to showcase these endeavors to you, our members on a regular basis.

January 2023

January had a smaller amount of coverage but a large audience due to some articles running worldwide. There were more than 101 million readers with a value of $956K.

Press coverage on over-the-counter hearing aids continues in 2023. The 2022 Associated Press story is still circulating around the world. Everyday Health includes an article on different types of OTC devices as well as information on what they are and who might be a candidate. It also provides a link to “Find an audiologist.” Healthy Hearing did a story on shingles and hearing loss and past Academy president Angela Shoup, PhD, participated.

Neurology Today includes a study on the connection between hearing and cognitive decline. Academy Past President Catherine Palmer, PhD, is quoted in the article that states that so many in the healthcare industry, other than audiologists, ignore hearing as an important factor.

The Journal Nature included a study on the link between cardiovascular disease and hearing health. The article acknowledges that some of the material was presented at a prior Academy conference.

Audiology World News features an article on the upcoming Academy conference.

Future Coverage

The communications team is interested in any connections that members may have with patients who have experienced hearing loss or any other hearing conditions and have a unique story. Please email Vicki Bendure at