Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

In 2019, the Academy Board of Directors requested that the Academic Programs Committee (APC) form a subcommittee in response to members’ expressed interest in developing resources to aid audiologists in supporting patients with culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds. The CLD Subcommittee includes the members of the APC, in addition to several student representatives.

Since beginning its discussions in late fall of 2019, the APC/CLD focused on creating better awareness among audiologists about a culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) patient, one who comes from a home environment where a language other than English is spoken and whose cultural values differ from mainstream culture. 

The APC/CLD recognized the importance of identifying resources that could be useful for practice. The acceptance of the poster “Being Mindful of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Everyday Practice” for presentation at AAA 2020 was the first significant effort to present material developed by the group; however, the cancellation of the conference due to COVID-19 moved the poster to a virtual platform. 

An accompanying piece to the poster is a list of references and widely available resources for the audiologist to access. The APC/CLD also has released in the July/August 2020 issue of Audiology Today an article that presents the content of the poster.  All of the resources developed to date are available here for audiologists.

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