Resources and Tools

Resources and Tools

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

In 2019, the Academy Board of Directors requested that the Academic Programs Committee (APC) form a subcommittee in response to members’ expressed interest in developing resources to aid audiologists in supporting patients with culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds. The CLD Subcommittee includes the members of the APC, in addition to several student representatives.

Since beginning its discussions in late fall of 2019, the APC/CLD focused on creating better awareness among audiologists about a culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) patient, one who comes from a home environment where a language other than English is spoken and whose cultural values differ from mainstream culture. Learn more.

COVID-19 and Our Audiology Practices

The best recommendation for all practices is to follow the CDC recommendations. You will want to access the CDC website on an ongoing manner to have the latest information. This is a changing situation and you will want to be up-to-date to protect your patients, your staff, yourself, and your families.

You also will want to monitor state and local recommendations that may impact your practice.

Tele-Audiology Toolkit

The clinical literature on tele-audiology indicates a significant opportunity for telehealth applications in the practice of audiology. This kit is designed to provide tools and resources to help you address this evolving service delivery model while maintaining a productive and vital practice where the audiologist remains central in the provision of hearing health-care diagnosis and treatment practices. The kit will evolve and be updated as new information and research become available.

Practice Management Articles

Review these archives of Audiology Today articles that address business- and practice management-related topics, ideas, and best practices.

Practice Development Tools

More resources like these are available on the BEST Private Practice Start-Up Kit.

Customizable for Your Practice

Resource Library

Brochures for Your Practice

The Academy offers a wide variety of brochures that you can order for use in your practice. Click here to find out more about these informative pieces.

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