How Did You Do in Your Interview?

How Did You Do in Your Interview?

Assessing what went on during your interview

Write down your impressions of the facility and what went on immediately following the interview. Make a list of the good things, as well as the bad. Jot down where you felt you excelled, or how you might have erred. The successful interview is attained through practice.

How long did the process take?

A 15-30 minute interview is a bit brief. Most interviewers allow 30-60 minutes per session. The longer you spend with the interviewers, the better your prospects.

Was the interviewer friendly or aloof?

Signs of interest are often conveyed by their actions. Did the person permit non-emergency telephone or staff interruptions? Was he or she listening intently to you or performing other tasks while you talked?

Did they show you the facility?

Showing you the facility is pretty standard for all places. Not showing you around may be indicative that they are not interested in you.

Was the process well organized?

The facility's preparedness for the interview is often reflective of how it is run. Were people friendly? Did you like what you saw? Was it clean? What state was the equipment in? Did the patients appear satisfied and happy? Were clerical and clinical staff accommodating and professional?

Did they impress you?
You need to be sold on the idea that this place will be of advantage to you. It is important to understand that reputations are often made by working with established people in your field. There is nothing wrong with researching a job, the staff and the facility's background.

  • Has the position been open for a long time? If it has, find out why.
  • Has there been fast and frequent turnover of personnel? Again, try to find out why.
  • Ask others who have had professional contact with the facility what their impressions are of the place.