Create a State, City, or Local Proclamation

Create a State, City, or Local Proclamation

proc·la·ma·tion - a public or official announcement, especially one dealing with a matter of great importance.

For May Is Better Hearing Month or National Audiology Awareness Month, use the following template and language to get your state and local area to help promote audiology and hearing health awareness.

Each city/state can adjust the language for their needs accordingly.

Depending on the nature of your state or local area, you could ask to speak on behalf of hearing health and audiology to your government entity.

Amit Gosalia, co-chair of the Academy’s Public Awareness Committee, has had years of success in Los Angeles and the state of California. In his experience, sometimes the government entity makes an announcement for public records, the stakeholders/reps speak for 2-5 min (in LA it's only 3-4 min total for 2 people), and the document is accepted from city/state. Amit and/or other colleagues speak about the incidence of hearing loss, tinnitus, and other hearing health statistics. He recommends adding in a message about your state audiology organization and the Academy—short and impactful. Amit also recommends that you recruit a few other audiologists, patients, veterans, and even physicians to join the presentation.

 Use the Template to Create Your Proclamation

Congratulations to These Cities and States for Their Proclamations!