Tools for Reaching the Media

Tools for Reaching the Media

Customizable Press Releases

Promote National Audiology Awareness Month, National Protect Your Hearing Month, and your practice to the local press.

Download these customizable press releases and include your information as the expert to contact for a story on audiology and hearing loss. Then send the press release out to local media via e-mail or fax.

Some good local media sources might be: parenting magazines, community newspapers and newsletters, daily and weekly newspapers, and local news and radio stations.

October is National Audiology Awareness Month Press Release
Hearing Loss Press Release
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Press Release

Radio Public Service Announcement and Message on Hold Send the pre-recorded MP3 message to local radio stations to air when time is available as a public service announcement for you community. Send the MP3 files via e-mail or download them on a CD to mail.

Audiology Awareness Month (MP3)
Protect Your Hearing Month (MP3)

You can also use the recording to play on your office phones as the message consumers hear while on hold.

Audiology Awareness Month (MP3)