Academy Documents Glossary

Academy Documents Glossary

Scope of Practice Statement

Declaration of services provided by qualified audiologists based on education and associated qualifications of professionals issued by the American Academy of Audiology.


Testimony or account of factual information related to professional issues issued by the American Academy of Audiology. Recommendations from reports could lead to the development of any of the other listed document types.

Position Statements

Statements supported by available scientific evidence and/or expert opinion put forth by the American Academy of Audiology consistent with intrinsic and/or extrinsic organizational goals and objectives.

Practice Guidelines

Systematically defined set of recommended procedures based on available scientific evidence and/or expert opinion that have been designed to yield specific, well-defined outcomes.


Consistent guide to be followed under a given set of rules.

Issue Brief/Fact Sheet

Brief fact-based summaries of any given Academy advocacy issue.

Public Policy Resolution

A statement (adopted by the Board of Directors) that establishes the official position of the Academy on a matter of public policy and serves as the basis for the Academy’s action. Public policy resolutions are generally used to develop the Academy’s public policy agenda, and determine the Academy’s position on proposed laws or regulations.

Testimony and Comments

Formal comments submitted by the Academy generally in response to government-proposed laws/regulations.