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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Academy's action plan represents a strategic vision for how the Academy Enterprise can support and shape the future of the audiology profession.


In fall 2016, the Academy Board of Directors hosted a visioning session that included representation from all Academy enterprise partners (AAA, AAAF, ABA, ACAE, and SAA) and staff.  Over the course of several days, the group identified key societal trends to monitor and address on behalf of audiology as a profession.  Key issues include audiology workforce projections, changes in service delivery, reimbursement uncertainty, regulations, public demand for affordable healthcare delivery and treatment options, clinical training challenges, and much more.  The group identified strategic goals for the enterprise to position the profession relative to these trends.   From this session evolved an updated action plan for the enterprise. 

Organizational Structure

The work of the action plan is carried out within the structure of the organization.  In July 2017, the Academy Board of Directors approved a new organizational structure that integrates the partners across the enterprise and aligns the work of the organization.  

The new structure includes councils, a new layer in the governance of the organization: Leadership, Academic & Professional Standards, Professional Development, Scientific Advisory & Research, Advocacy, and Outreach.  The many committees and task forces that do much of the work of the organization report to the councils or, in some instances, directly to the Academy Board of Directors. A model of the councils and committees is available to provide further detail on how they function within the governance structure.

Click   here to view a visual representation of the new structure that details the councils, committees, and task forces, as well as depicts the Enterprise fully.


The current action plan organizes objectives and activities within four goals: 

  • Deliver purposeful education
  • Provide member value and engagement
  • Advocate for the audiologist
  • Promote recognition of the Audiology Enterprise. 

Objectives & Tactics 2017-18

GOAL 1: Deliver Purposeful Education

Objective 1.1 Provide innovative educational resources to support quality audiology services

  • Provide updated and strategic documents and guidelines
  • Maintain high quality and effective CE programs
  • Offer a dynamic, relevant, high-quality annual conference
  • Provide a focus on research

Objective 1.2  Promote high-quality standardized education

  • Investigate an Academy-recognized audiology assistant/technician training program
  • Identify innovation needed for audiology degree programs
  • Provide recognition for areas of specialty within Audiology

GOAL 2:  Provide Member Value and Engagement

Objective 2.1  Increase effectiveness of communications and technology

  • Establish goals for each communication vehicle within the Academy enterprise
  • Maximize Academy resources, especially technology, to support enterprise-wide activities

Objective 2.2  Deliver tangible personal benefits to the membership

  • Facilitate professional and personal networking through Academy activities
  • Expand membership in the Academy
  • Expand and enhance opportunities for engagement within the member involvement ladder across the Academy enterprise
  • Provide opportunities for professional and student leadership development
  • Provide information and consultation relative to topics of interest to membership
  • Recognize member accomplishments

Objective 2.3  Create strategic partnerships to achieve more together

  • Establish linkages with other organizations to enhance member benefits
  • Engage in employer education initiative about ABA verification

GOAL 3:  Advocate for the Audiologist

Objective 3.1  Help shape federal and state policy

  • Develop a process for establishing legislative priorities
  • Explore legislative action and priorities to support the audiology pipeline and practice
  • Develop strategies for addressing state-level policy, legislative, and regulatory issues
  • Expand PAC outreach and PAC influence
  • Address regulatory policy and advocate for fair reimbursement for audiology services
Objective 3.2  Empower members to become effective advocates
  • Activate a grassroots network
  • Promote audiology student advocacy efforts
Objective 3.3  Empower members to become effective advocates
  • Engage in collaborations to promote audiology

GOAL 4:  Promote Recognition of the Audiology Enterprise

Objective 4.1 Increase initiatives directly linked to recognition of audiologists and the audiology enterprise
  • Establish a campaign on audiology recognition and hearing and balance awareness.
  • Develop resources for media & PR responses
Objective 4.2  Create strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Work with government agencies to advance the profession