JAAA Online FAQs

JAAA Online FAQs

JAAA has been available to members online in the form of PDF files. The PDFs have allowed members to access any issue, at any time, from any computer with an online connection. However, there are significant limitations to PDF format, and 62 percent of the respondents to the 2009 Publications and Media Survey indicated that they would be interested in a more interactive journal experience.

In its ongoing efforts to meet the professional needs of its membership, the Academy is now pleased to offer JAAA in HTML format, which will replace the print journal beginning in January 2011.

Q: What are the benefits of an online-only subscription?

A: The Academy will significantly reduce its consumption of energy and natural resources by no longer producing the print journal for the entire membership. As an example, more than two tons of paper are currently used to produce a single issue!

The online version will also improve the journal’s timeliness by reaching its audience immediately—as much as one month earlier than a print copy. Members who live in locations where the postal system is unreliable will no longer need to accept that some issues will never arrive; instead, like all other members, they will receive access to every issue as soon as it is published. The sooner research is made available, the sooner it can contribute to other research and to patient care.

Q: What are the benefits of the new enhanced digital format?

A: HTML provides the most advanced functionality available for online publication, including robust searching, reference linking, saved searches and lists, social bookmarking, and the ability to include lengthy appendixes of supporting data, and color, audio, and video figures.

Q: I would still prefer the print version. Can I continue to receive it?

A: Yes. When renewing Academy membership, you can opt to receive the print version of the journal for a charge of $12. This charge will be used to offset the cost of printing and delivery.

Q: Since the print version of the journal is no longer free, will my dues be lower?

A: Membership rates will not be affected by the journal’s move online, with one exception: the fee charged to international members for delivery of publications will be lower to reflect the decrease in the number of mailings.

Offering the new online format in place of the print journal will likely result in significant savings for the Academy; however, there is much more to publishing than printing. Peer review, production, copyediting, typesetting, subscription management, the new online format, and much more will continue to be funded by dues and other sources of revenue. Expenses eliminated by going online will serve to strengthen the Academy’s ongoing activities and allow for new initiatives.

Q: What if I have questions about how to use the new system?

A: The “Page Help” links at the top of any page provide information concerning that particular page and many other valuable tools available to users.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question using these links, e-mail the following address for assistance: help@IngentaConnect.com.

Q: How will I know when a new issue has been published?

A: (1) We will announce the availability of each new issue on the journal page of www.audiology.org.
(2) We will send you an e-mail detailing the table of contents for each issue.

Q: Will the JAAA CEU Program be changing?

A: The JAAA CEU Program will not be changing. For those who prefer to submit their assessments by mail, the program pages can be printed from the online version.

Q: Where are the issues from 1990 to 2001?

A: Back issues from the inception of JAAA in 1990 through 2001 are available here.