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Photo of Lisa Christensen

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | Find Your Level of Involvement

As we are in the midst of the best Academy annual meeting ever, I am reminded how much member involvement occurs throughout the year but especially during our yearly conference. Involvement occurs on many different levels. I have heard Louisiana audiologist Steve Madix as he describes levels of professional involvement to audiology students on several occasions. Dr. Madix describes three levels of involvement: observer, participant, and protector.

Topic(s): Volunteer, audiology


Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2019

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ONLINE FEATURE | Audiology Escape Room: A Case Study


Audiology is a multifaceted profession involved in the assessment and management of hearing loss and balance disorders in adults and children (Audiology Australia, 2020). Audiologists work in a range of settings that can include public, private, education, and primary health care. The Northern Territory audiologist community is a small one with less than 30 audiologists in total. To assist with professional development, an annual event is held to provide training and networking opportunities for audiologists from different sectors.

Topic(s): audiology, Education, Teamwork, networking, communication training, communication

Photo of JFLAC participants preparing for the hot topics project presentation.

ACADEMY NEWS | Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology Conference (JFLAC) 2016—That’s a Wrap!

Another smashing group of young professionals assembled at the American Academy of Audiology headquarters in Reston, Virginia, September 11–13, 2016. Chair and former JFLACer Lisa Christensen (class of 2008) and Academy staff member Sarah Sebastian, along with many other Academy staff, pulled off another successful Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology Conference and spurred these young professionals back into their world equipped with new perspectives and upgraded leadership skill sets, as well as many new friends and colleagues.

Topic(s): James Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology (JFLAC), audiology


Publication Issue: Audiology Today January/February 2017

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ACADEMY NEWS | 2015 Externship Survey Analysis

Qualities of a Good Externship

Many respondents reported feeling conflicted with the choice between the most educationally rewarding position and a paid position. They expressed concern regarding their ability to survive for a year on savings, loans, and a part-time job. Many questioned the ethics of a system in which it is acceptable for a student to participate in a full-time, unpaid position for as long as 12 months

Topic(s): externships, audiology

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ACADEMY NEWS | AuD Education Summit: Review and Summary

On October 25–26, 2016, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) hosted a conference on audiology education that was attended by representatives of all 75 academic programs in the United States, with representatives from the American Academy of Audiology, the American Board of Audiology, the Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education, and the Student Academy of Audiology also attending the conference.

Topic(s): Education, audiology, externships

Illustration of the diversity of volunteering with hands raised in front of watercolored US flag

AUDIOLOGY ADVOCATE | Prepare to Engage

For the better part of two years, the 2016 presidential election has captured the nation’s attention and dominated the local, state, and national news. Now that the dust has settled from this election, it’s time for the Academy to identify and pursue our legislative and regulatory priorities for the upcoming year. In addition to a new Presidential Administration, the 115th Congress will begin on January 3, 2017. As policymakers move into new roles, now is the time for the audiology community to jump into action.

Topic(s): Advocacy, audiology, Political Action Committee (PAC)

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ACAE CORNER | Audiology Education in an Era of Government Oversight (Is Big Brother Watching?)

As we think about the year to come, let’s renew our focus on achieving excellence in higher education by rigorous accreditation. You have heard members of the ACAE Board and myself repeat this concept again and again, but let me reiterate on why it is important and what can happen when it is not a top priority.

Education is facing new and more intense scrutiny. Why is this happening now and why should we be concerned?

Topic(s): Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (ACAE)


Publication Issue: Audiology Today January/February 2017

Illustration depicting AuD standing on large book and looking ahead for the search of knowledge

ABA SOUNDING BOARD | Expanding Knowledge and Skills Through Certificate Training

The American Board of Audiology (ABA) continues its expansion of services to meet the needs and requests of audiologists. Based on feedback obtained from the profession, the ABA Board of Governors had identified a purpose for targeted assessment-based certificate training for audiologists interested in bridging gaps in their education. Needs assessment surveys of audiologists further revealed the greatest demand for training as preceptors, and also focused training in specialty areas of clinical management.

Topic(s): American Board of Audiology (ABA), Certificate Holder-Audiology Preceptor (CH-AP), certificate holder-tinnitus management (CH-TM)

Photo of SAA members posing for photo at AAA Conference

SAA SPOTLIGHT | The Ultimate Guide for Students at AudiologyNOW!® 2017

As a student in an audiology graduate or undergraduate program, you are well on your way to becoming an outstanding audiology professional. With all of the time you spend at school, it can be challenging to find ways to stand out to externship sites and future employers. The AudiologyNOW! convention, in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 5–8, 2017, is one great way to prepare for your future. AudiologyNOW! is the largest gathering of audiologists and has historically offered a variety of events for students and professionals looking to stay up to date with the newest research and technology.

Topic(s): Student Academy of Audiology (SAA), AAA Conference

Split Illustration of In-person learning vs. tele-learning

ONLINE FEATURE | Post-Pandemic Changes in Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is an important component of graduate student education that should be a rewarding experience for both student and preceptor. However, for the supervisor, it can also be challenging and time-consuming to implement and fulfill the many requirements of a student program. 

Topic(s): Audiology Preceptor, COVID-19, clinical supervision, preceptors, audiology education