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Photo of Geary A. McCandless, PhD

IN MEMORIAM | Geary A. McCandless, PhD (1930–2017)

Audiology lost an illustrious leader with the passing of Geary A. McCandless, PhD, on January 4, 2017. A prolific contributor, Dr. McCandless published more than 90 articles and 40 book chapters, and presented hundreds of invited lectures. Dr. McCandless was interested and knowledgeable in a broad variety of topics related to hearing, auditory neurosciences, and beyond. He was an outdoor enthusiast and adventurer, knowledgeable and skilled in a wide range of topics from archeology to aviation and painting beautiful southwestern landscapes in oils.  

Topic(s): audiology, In Memoriam


Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2017

Illustration of a US map with locations marked off

AUDIOLOGY ADVOCATE | Forming a State Audiology Organization: What You Need to Know

The American Academy of Audiology’s State Network Subcommittee (SNS) serves to facilitate communication among states, and to develop and share resources. State advocates often ask the SNS to provide guidance on how states can begin to form their own audiology organization. The Academy has a State Leaders’ Handbook, available on the Academy’s website, which provides an overview of the process. 

Topic(s): Advocacy, State Network Subcommittee


Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2017

Photo of a woman rethinking clinical education

ACAE CORNER | It’s Time to Rethink Clinical Education in Audiology

Over the past 15 years since the doctor of audiology (AuD) degree was adopted nationally, it has become clear that many systemic problems with the externship model exist and need to be urgently addressed. For example, in the stakeholder survey conducted by ACAE in 2013–2014, students, faculty, and clinicians all reported large gaps between classroom and clinical training. The externship is too often inadequately supervised and lacking in quality and breadth of experiences. 

Topic(s): Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education (ACAE), externships

Photo of one woman mentoring another

SAA SPOTLIGHT | The Meaning of Mentorship: Student-to-Student Mentoring and Ways to Get Involved

As an audiology student, there are numerous opportunities to learn from or serve as a mentor. We may be assigned a faculty advisor to guide us through our academic career. Perhaps, we choose a research mentor to facilitate the completion of an independent research project or capstone. In some audiology programs, administration or Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) Chapters ask their second- or third-year audiology students to serve as “buddies” or “mentors” to incoming first-year AuD students or undergraduates.

Topic(s): Mentoring, Education, Volunteer

Photo of directional sign that says, "Changes Ahead"

CODING AND REIMBURSEMENT | Important Changes to Quality Reporting for 2017

Did you know that at the end of 2016, the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) ended and was replaced by CMS’ new Quality Payment Program (QPP)? This means that 2016 was the final year in which providers, including audiologists, were eligible to participate in the PQRS program. 

Topic(s): Coding, Reimbursement


Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2017

Illustration of a tumor in the head close to the inner ear


Case History

A female patient in her early 30s was presented to the otolaryngology and communicative sciences department at a large medical center. The patient presented with symptoms of pressure localized to both ears, however greater in right ear, occasional tinnitus in right ear (described as high pitch buzzing), and mild vertigo/dizziness (provoked by movement), lasting minutes in duration. 

Topic(s): otoscopy, Audiogram, tympanometry, Acoustic Reflexes, Bilateral tumors

Photo of woman questioning

The Value of Audiological Care in the Age of Consumer Choice

With smartphone apps that amplify speech (Mimi Hearing Test, 2016), and effective (Ear Machine, 2016) over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids and personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) on the market, consumers may now obtain hearing devices from the comfort of home, completely bypassing the attention of an audiologist.

Topic(s): Consumer, over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid devices, Patient-Centered Care


Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2017

Infographic of business practices

Your Business: A Plan for 2017

What’s your business plan for 2017? 

Responses may include, “I want to make more money,” or “I want more vacation,” or perhaps “I want to see less patients.” Regardless of the reactions, chances are that the wishes won’t become reality unless you have a specific plan to accomplish them. Every year, business owners should take the time to sit down and do a little planning, just to make sure that the new year will be a good one for business. 

Topic(s): Practice Management


Publication Issue: Audiology Today March/April 2017