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Photo of Jackie Clark

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | New Beginnings, New Behaviors

While I begin this new chapter as the 28th president of the American Academy of Audiology, I am astutely aware of the giants who have preceded me in this role and their enduring positive influence on the profession of audiology. I find myself musing about how far (and not so far) we have come; despite audiology being a relatively young profession. Indeed, over the decades, audiology has come through a variety of threats and opportunities; all have brought their own unique challenges and rewards.

Topic(s): Academy Leadership, academy news, audiology


Publication Issue: Audiology Today November/December 2017

Photo of Jackie Clark

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | Sleepless Nights and Best Practices

I often share with friends and colleagues those thoughts about audiology that have indiscriminately robbed me of my evening slumber. One of the more persistent thoughts is the unknown number of audiologists embracing and carrying out best clinical practices. My thoughts are buoyed when I talk with colleagues who consistently and happily follow best clinical practices. They clearly take joy in demonstrating to their patients the value of an audiologist as a critical component of the health-care community. 

Topic(s): clinical care, audiology, best-practice standards


Publication Issue: Audiology Today July/August 2018

Photo of Jackie Clark

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | Can We Demonstrate Our Value?

Having grown up in a family with extremely limited financial resources, I still remain vigilant in identifying the value in all things. Many of our Academy board of directors meetings are peppered with the frequent phrase “value-added member benefit.” Even as I draw nearer to the closing of my season as the president of the American Academy of Audiology, I still contemplate how audiologists can consistently demonstrate value of services offered to the consumer and our patients. 

Topic(s): audiology, member benefit


Publication Issue: Audiology Today September/October 2018

Photo of ventilation in sound proof booths

ON TREND | Simple Tips to Ventilate Your Audiometric Booth

COVID-19 has created much uncertainty about how the world will change. One area of concern for hearing-care professionals is the audiometric booth. In addition to door handles and surfaces potentially being contaminated, the air in the room can also be compromised if measures to ensure effective ventilation aren’t taken.

Topic(s): Audiometric Booth, Ventilation


Publication Issue: Audiology Today September/October 2020

Photo illustration of a audiologist walking into a maze shaped like a brain

Cognitive-Screening Practices Among Audiologists

Cognition (i.e., the ability to reason, plan, remember, and direct tasks) has gained our professional attention, motivated in part by findings that hearing loss is associated with greater likelihood of cognitive decline (Lin et al, 2011; Lin et al, 2013) and is a major modifiable factor contributing to dementia risk (Livingston et al, 2017).   

Topic(s): Cognitive-Screening, audiology

Photo collage of diverse group of people with hearing loss

Some Observations on ‘Normal’ Hearing and Hearing Loss

What is ‘Normal’ Hearing?

Ask an audiologist what “normal” hearing is and, not surprisingly, you will get a variety of responses (Figure 1). Certainly, normal pure-tone threshold sensitivity does not rule out hearing difficulty or the presence of auditory pathology, including cochlear and auditory neural peripheral or central deficits. Further, a number of non-auditory factors can contribute to a patient’s perceived hearing difficulty (e.g., cognitive capacity, attention, medications, etc.). 

Topic(s): Hearing Loss, Normal Hearing, audiology, Audiometry

Illustration of pentagon maze-like line that connects with ear-shaped line art

Better Hearing Health Across the Department of Defense

Originating from the rehabilitation of noise-induced hearing losses (NIHL) incurred during World War I and II, the Department of Defense (DoD) has historically led the fields of hearing conservation and audiology   (Bergman, 2002).

In fact, the earliest hearing-conservation regulations came from the military services with the Air Force in 1956. The change that the U.S. Army made to the Army Hearing Program in 2008 to make hearing capabilities rather than hearing-loss prevention the primary focus has continued this tradition of innovation and leadership.

Topic(s): Department of Defense, Hearing Health Care, hearing loss prevention, hearing capabilities, Military Health

Photo and illustration collage of growing plant with audiology equipment

Planning Effective Remote Clinical Education

During spring 2020, higher education faced drastic changes to education delivery due to the coronavirus  pandemic. The rapid change challenged clinical education goals due to clinic closures and the cessation of student participation in patient care and hands-on laboratory experiences. 

The clinical coordination team at The University of Texas at Dallas focused on the clinical education of its AuD students and telehealth service delivery, embracing that this journey could improve student education and patient care beyond simply the bare minimum. 

Topic(s): clinical education, Telehealth

Photo of Catherine Palmer, PhD

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | Implicit Bias and Allyship

In June, Academy leadership invited audiologists and students who self-identify as Black to join in creating institutional change. 

A seven-member steering group was created from respondents to: 

Topic(s): allyship, Inclusion, Implicit Bias, Academy Leadership

Close-up of the winning recipients bracelets on their wrists

ACADEMY NEWS | 10th Anniversary of Jerger Future Leaders Conference in Audiology: A Smashing Success!

Another stellar group of early- to early-mid-career audiologists were selected from the largest pool of applicants so far to attend the 2018 Jerger Future Leaders in Audiology Conference (JFLAC). The conference convened at the American Academy of Audiology (Academy) headquarters in Reston, Virginia, September 12–14, 2018, and generously sponsored in part by the Oticon Hearing Foundation. 

Topic(s): James Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology (JFLAC), Leadership