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LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Going Beyond Indulging

Regarding “The Impending Spondee Crisis,” by Frank Bialostzky (Audiology Today, Nov/Dec 2016, Vol 28, No 6)… .I’ve heard of indulging the younger generation, but this goes beyond the pale. At the very experience of hearing those remarkably outdated words like “sidewalk, hot dog, hardware,” I can only empathize with the young woman shown on page 54. Poor thing; I too would squint and crinkle my nose if faced with a similar assault on my sensibilities. 

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Publication Issue: Audiology Today May/June 2017

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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE | Expanding Our Profession

The past 18 months have been nothing if not interesting for our profession. Between PCAST, the FDA, and the National Academy of Sciences, there have been multiple recommendations and suggestions regarding improving the access to, and affordability of, hearing care. More recently, the FTC announced that they too would be reviewing the delivery of hearing care, from their perspective as a consumer protection agency. And a bill has just been introduced in Congress that directs the FDA to develop rules for an over-the-counter hearing device. 

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Publication Issue: Audiology Today May/June 2017

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ABA SOUNDING BOARD | Audiology Preceptor Education: Great Opportunities for You!

Historically, audiology students were supervised either in the university clinic or at community audiology practices by experienced audiologists. These one-on-one opportunities provided direction for the growth of an audiology student’s knowledge and skill, with the goal to obtain a specified number of “supervised” hours that presumably designated clinical competence. 

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Publication Issue: Audiology Today July/August 2017

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SAA SPOTLIGHT | Humanitarian Audiology: A Call Not Far from Home

When posed with the question, “Why become an audiologist?” many of us have the same answer. It was not because the idea of working with hearing aids seemed thrilling or that we were yearning to fill out an audiogram on a daily basis. For most of us, it was because we have a strong innate desire to help people.

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Publication Issue: Audiology Today July/August 2017

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Publication Issue: Audiology Today July/August 2017

Call Me Doctor: Opinion Editorial


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I’m An Audiologist. Come Again? The Public Un-Awareness of Audiology

Audiologists possess amazing knowledge and skills that can change someone’s life, but we have had a difficult time spreading the word. The work we do day in and day out can truly enhance the quality of life of the individuals we serve. But, the messaging to the general public has been limited and ineffective, thereby reducing the number of people who seek our care.  

There is a lack of public awareness of the audiology profession. We can all contribute to reverse the narrative of public “unawareness” and tell a better story about the benefits of hearing and balance wellness.

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ONLINE FEATURE | Call Me Doctor: Opinion Editorial

My dad suffered a stroke when I was in high school and part of his return to normalcy was working with a speech pathologist. I was fascinated by the process, and it led me to declare it as my major when I attended the University of Florida (UF) as an undergraduate. I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from college. 

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Hearing Health Delivery: An Interview with Larry Humes, PhD

DR. SUMIT DHAR: Hello Dr. Humes, thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions about your recent publication related to different modes of hearing aid delivery (Humes, 2017). I have many questions that probably are on the minds of readers as well. 

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KNOW HOW | Impact of Daily Operations on Business

The landscape of health care is continually changing and there is no part of the health-care system, including all providers that is not impacted by these changes. This impact extends to all patients, as they are facing larger out-of-pocket medical costs than ever before. They are having to make choices about which appointments to schedule, which medications to buy, and which medical recommendations to follow. Large institutions and small practices are seeing changes in reimbursement. Changes in reimbursement force health-care providers to reduce operating expenses.

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Publication Issue: Audiology Today July/August 2017